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I go fishing for pike and perch
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HeMan's Fishing Barsch

About me - passion for fishing and my Metalshad

Hello to all who have found their way to my site. I would like to introduce here one of my hobbies, fishing, and that since I was young. My main interest is, as you can see from the pictures on Facebook and Instagram, the predator fishing and that in any form with the spinning rod. Among my favorite fish are bass and black bass. I have always envisioned making my own artificial lure, even back when I first started spin fishing. I have tried many things, such as with various creature baits.

The development of the Metalshad

March 2020 was then the time. Over several months I developed the Metalshad down to the smallest detail. I wanted to make a lure that stands out from the crowd and is not a copy, which according to critics I also succeeded very much. In September 2020 the time had come, the first prototypes dived into the water and then it happened. After the fourth cast a small pike bit - "what a great feeling to catch a fish with your own softbait". By the end of the year, I caught several species of fish. Among them were perch, walleye and even pike up to 88 cm. Then at the beginning of 2021 it really popped. I started the year with two 48 cm and one 50 cm perch (see picture) plus a beautiful pike perch of 70 cm. 

The Metalshad went into production 

In cooperation with Moby Softbaits the Metalshad could be made in a not easy way. But the guys have done it and made me very happy. In addition, the work with a material which is environmentally friendly and very sustainable. That was important to me, because sustainability and the protection of the environment mean a lot to me. "Because garbage is already enough in the water, which does not rot." You can read more about the material (TPE) here

The first year 2021 with the Metalshad
It has now been a year since I announced my development, the Metalshad. A rubber fish - half creature bait that stands out from the crowd. A bait that is versatile and has a pressure wave vibration that is not comparable to any other softbait. Hence the special shape and my preference for Creature Baits. Fishing with a self developed bait alone was an indescribable feeling, but that this bait then brought me in particular my favorite fish, the perch, even three times in 50 cm this year as well as two 48s then totally exceeded my expectations. In addition, my Metalshad also surprised me in that it caught all fish species from local waters such as pike, trout, asp, chub and catfish, even pikeperch up to 81 cm. As if that were not enough, I also caught several species of fish with the Metalshad while deep sea fishing in Norway.

I am very much looking forward to seeing what fish I will catch with my softbait this year. I wish you with the Metalshad in 2022 good catch and an environmentally conscious fishing on the water.

Kind regards Sven Hehmann

Entwickler vom Metalshad

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